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The New Team: Writer & Main Cast, Hannah Celyn Griffiths.

So if you have watched Series 1, you will already be aware of Hannah Celyn Griffiths. Hannah guest starred in Episodes 4 and 6 of Series 1. She played Jen, who became Liam's girlfriend.

Well, we can officially announce that Hannah is back as Jen and is now a main character within Series 2.

But that’s not all. Over Christmas, we had an email arrive from Hannah. She had written a full script with a story idea for Series 2 - we read it and that was that. Hannah is now our fourth writer on the project and has come on board as an associate producer.

I had a quick chat with her before another writers’ meeting.

What's your back story?

I studied English at uni of Southampton with particular interest in creative writing. I've also acted since I was in high school - again with main interest in film and tv

How have you got involved with Watchers Productions?

I got involved through my attendance at the Heathcock pub quiz - every Tuesday 8pm people- and auditioned for roles and volunteered to help with the production side of life. I got on to the writers team after writing my own script and sending it to the team. I wrote the script because the characters and ideas wouldn't leave me alone

What are you looking forward to on the production?

I'm looking forward to seeing my ideas come to life really. It's something I've always wanted to do - screenwriting - and for me is a fantastic opportunity to find out how good or bad I am at it!

What was your favourite Series One episode?

Biased but for me it will always be Episode 4. This is mainly because Andrew dressed up so wonderfully. Other than that then it was Episode 2!

Who's your favourite Doctor?

Mine will always be dearest David T. But then I did meet him and he was wonderful!

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