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Series 2 Cast: Jes Hynes

Jes will be playing Frank Gibbons, the Comic Book Guru!

Jes' Bio:

During his teens Jes acted in a number of productions in school and for a local theatre company then gave it up for 15 years. In 2001 he came back into the fold and hasn't looked back since. He has performed in dozens of stage productions for Newport Playgoer's Society (most recently as Touchstone in As You Like It), and Cardiff based Monstrous Productions (most Recently as Sam Vimes in Night Watch), as well as some student and independent films and music videos, and has won a number of awards for his performances. He also directs plays, with (the award winning) Trainspotting, Fawlty Towers and most recently The Graduate amongst them. He is currently Assistant Director on The Titfield Thunderbolt which is being taken to the Minack Theatre in Cornwall, he is in Going Postal for Monstrous Productions and is also preparing to direct Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters for staging in November. In his real life he is a Software Developer, has a library of 1000's of Fantasy and Sci-Fiction books, cooks, writes music and looks after two cats. One day he will find time to do some housework.

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