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Sketchy AF: New & Old!!

December 4, 2018


Over next few months we will be sharing new and old sketches online. 


Sketchy AF Pilot / Christmas special was launched nearly a year ago! Between then and now a lot has happened both in front of the cameras and behind the scenes. Including personal life of the Watchers being very busy this last year. 


BUT! if a little off target, the target is nearly hit upon! In January 2019 we will be launching new sketches online - we have a varied catalogue of mayhem waiting in the wings. Starring a lot of talented people. A cast that includes: Rob Murphy, Ellen Jane Thomas, Amy Rowlands, A J King, Christopher Maxwell, Ben Wilson, Linda Bailey, Teddy Smith, Andrew Ford, Shaz Lancaster & Victoria George-Veale.




The Sketchy AF YouTube Channel is running now, please subscribe - new content will be added from January 2019 and on-wards!





But for now, over the Christmas period we will re-release the Christmas sketches in minisode form.

7 sketches over the holiday season. So look out for:


Agony at Christmas


A Christmas Stranger


Blues Merry Old Time


The Queens Speech


Ross Kemp on Xmas


An Atheist Child's Christmas In Wales


Cinderella Panto




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