Directed by Rhys Jones

Written by Matthew Fisher

James is on his own for the night, as his girlfriend is away. He orders pizza, which is delivered by a cheery delivery man named Gee. When a delivery mix-up means Gee gets fired, James takes pity on him and invites him in. But when James asks Gee what his real name actually is, he gets a response he really wasn't expecting...


Directed by Rhys Jones

Written by Xander Grant​

Exactly how much do you love your partner? Would you like to know? Well thanks to the latest technology breakthrough, now you can! The real question is... can you cope with knowing the answer?


Written & Directed by

Terrance Marshman-Edwards

A young man, dealing with a bereavement, starts to receive strange text messages. Is somebody playing a sick joke - or is there something more sinister at work ?


Directed by Rhys Jones

Written by Xander Grant

Peter hosts his weekly Un-Boxing Streaming Channel, this week he has been sent a very special box -

Would you open that box?


Directed by Matthew Fisher

Written by Matthew Ford

In an alternate, present day Wales, people have become dependent on social media. Online dating is commonplace, and half of all UK marriages end in divorce. Seth and Tristan, a couple in their twenties, have signed up for treatment at Brand New Beginnings, a company with a procedure that wipes all the bad memories from your relationship, replacing them with false, happy memories developed in a laboratory. As the procedure is explained, the couple begin to have second thoughts.


Directed by Teddy Smith

Written by Matthew Fisher


John doesn't like to stand out. "Out of sight, out of mind" is his philosophy. But his way of thinking is challenged when he's forced to reevaluate his life.


Directed, Written and Produced by Richard Williams

Sam is a young but high flying business executive, she's popular with her co workers and has the world at her feet. During a meeting with the mysterious Noah from Human Resources, everything she thought she knew about the world around her, is thrown into doubt.