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WHOVIANS - Two Nights Before Christmas

Written by

Terrance Marshman-Edwards, Matthew Ford,

Hannah Celyn Griffiths, Rhys Jones

from a story by

Terrance Marshman-Edwards, Matthew Ford, Rhys Jones


The Whovians prepare for Christmas and the impending Doctor Who special. One final adventure, The End is here - but the time has been prepared for.....

Behind The Scenes Pics:

Cast List:


Victoria George-Veale


Hannah Celyn Griffiths


Rob D Mealins


Andrew Machin


Ben Wilson


Rob Murphy


Alison Lenihan


Matthew Fisher


Lillibeth Langford


Richard Burnett


Lisa Grace


Fact File

Cast & Crew Thank You Messages

- Production began on the Christmas special on Saturday October 1st 2016 and principal
photography wrapped on Monday December 5th 2016.

- The spaceship at the beginning is named the Hyperion IV. This is in honour of one of Rhys Jones'
favourite classic Doctor Who stories Terror Of The Vervoids (which makes up part of The Trial
Of A Time Lord series) which is set aboard the Hyperion III.

- A pivotal scene of the episode was filmed at the Black & White Café in Grangetown, Cardiff.
The café has also been used as a location in The Sarah Jane Adventures, for the episode
Warriors Of Kudlak.

- Although not named in the episode, all of Bradley's and Liam's dates are named after Doctor
Who companions.

- Isabelle Burman, who plays Bradley's date Donna, also appeared as a different character (Ffion)
in the Series 1 episode Waiting Four.

- At 75 minutes, this episode is longer than all but one of Doctor Who's Christmas specials to
date and is equal to the longest (The End Of Time Part Two is also 75 minutes)

- Some suggested titles for the episode were It's A Whovian Life, A Very Whovian Christmas,
Time To End and Last Christmas.

- In order to keep some of the plot secret- and also because rewrites were required (due to actor
availability) until the end of the shoot- actors were only given their specific scenes for the
episode. It is the first and only time that the full script of an episode hasn't been given out at the
beginning of a shoot.

- The very last piece of filming for this episode- and the very last piece of filming ever for
Whovians- took place on Tuesday December 20th 2016. It was a pick-up shot of the Weeping
Angel on top of Steph's Christmas tree.

Christmas Production Diaries

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