Watchers Film Show

Where the Watchers Began.....

We are The Watchers, we are three movie buffs on a mission to bring you real views on movies - no bull, no lies, just real gut instincts.


We watch then we record as soon as we get out of the theatre! Our webcasts can be seen on YouTube and Vimeo.


 Our podcasts can be found  on Podbean.

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For the past six years, our blog has been read around the world. We have shared our thoughts on all things film - and occasionally on TV series. 

We also raised money for Cancer Research with our Bondathon!


In 2012 we carried out a charity fundraser challenge - a Bondathon! 

What is a Bondathon?


A Bondathon is a test of endurance for movie buffs, to watch all the official James Bond movies.


Official James Bond movies are those produced by EON Productions (so Never Say Never Again does not count). 


The challenge was to watch all twenty-three movies (at that time) over a three-day period, starting with Dr .No at midnight on Friday October 26 2012 and culminating with a cinema screening of Skyfall on the evening of Sunday October 28 2012.

You may think that two guys sitting on a sofa watching movies for three days straight isn’t much of a challenge. We agree. So, for each of the twenty-three movies, we wrote a retrospective blog piece and recorded a podcast. If you consider that this equated to approximately forty-six hours of movie-watching alone, the scale of the challenge should be more apparent.

We even made the news!!!