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Episode 1 - Waiting Four

Written by

Terrance Marshman-Edwards , Matthew Ford

& Rhys Jones


In a queue for a book signing, Andrew, Steph, Bradley and Liam wait patiently (and not so patiently) for the line to move. 

Behind The Scenes Pics:

Cast List:



Steph - Victoria George-Veale

Liam - Andrew Machin

Bradley - Rob D. Mealins

Andrew - Ben Wilson


Colin - Chris Williams

Tom - Tony Beard

Aimee - Elena Thomas

Holly - Emily Plow

Ffion - Isabelle Burman

Edgar - Harold T. Spencer

The Bard - Tom Wright


Fact File


- This episode was filmed on Sunday 21st June 2015 on Barrack Lane, Cardiff. Rehearsals for this episode took place on Wednesday 17th June and Friday 19th June at the GloWorks building in Cardiff Bay.


- Although their names are not given in their dialogue, the characters played by Tony Beard and Chris Williams are named Tom and Colin (after the two actors surnamed Baker who played the Doctor).


- In their first dialogue, Tom and Colin are discussing the UNIT dating controversy, a topic that hardcore Whovians can discuss for hours (and has also been mentioned in the new series of Doctor Who itself). For more information, click here.


- Whilst not a very good example of the form, the poem that The Bard comes up with for Bradley does fulfil the structure of a haiku. For more information on haiku, click here.

Episode 1 Production Diary

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