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Episode 6 - Journey's End

Written by

Terrance Marshman-Edwards, Matthew Ford & Rhys Jones

Directed by Rhys Jones


The Whovians gather at Steph's to watch the finale of Series 9. The fish finger sandwiches, jelly babies and Jammie Dodgers are ready. As they wait for the show to start, there are cocktails and conversations.

Behind The Scenes Pics:

Cast List:


Victoria George-Veale



Hannah Celyn Griffiths



Andrew Machin



Rob D. Mealins



Ben Wilson


TV Announcer 

John Wheeler

Fact File:

- This episode was filmed over one day, Saturday 20th June 2015.


-  This script underwent a major edit after the first cast readthrough to make the script less linear and to give certain characters a chance to interact more.


- As the episode takes place on a winter evening and was filmed during the summer, all the windows in the living room and kitchen had black bin bags taped over them to help block out the natural daylight.


- The opening scene, with Bradley on the telephone, was the last scene shot that day. All members of cast and crew that were not involved in the scene were stood behind the camera operators and sound supervisor with duvets, pillows, blankets and cushions to help dampen the sound in the very echoey corridor.

Episode 6 Production Diary:

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