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The Watchers Film Show

Where it all began! The Watchers started off producing this blog and podcast film review show 6 years ago - still running so please check it out.

The Blog Click Here

Podcasts Click Here


Sketchy AF

A NEW Web Series Coming in 2018 - BUT, a Pilot Episode is online, released for Christmas 2017!

A diverse fresh comedy sketch show showcasing talented writers and actors from South Wales.

Click Here for the You Tube Channel

Sh!t Talk

A NEW podcast Panel comedy quiz - where anything is discussed!

Full series available at the following:

Podbean         YouTube

Episode 1 listen below.

SH!T TALK: Episode 1Watchers Productions

Abandoned - Stage Play

'Abandoned' an original play by Matthew Fisher, Co-produced by us Watchers with an amazing cast including:

Lisa Grace, Sarah Bennington, Isabelle Burman, Ben Wilson, Teddy Smith, Terrance Edwards, Chris Maxwell Howell.

Show ran January 25th - January 27th.
Take a look at a review here.


In Pre Production NOW - Our First Feature

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