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Strange Tales: Schrodinger by Xander Grant

Our next writer and story announcement is a very interesting one - not only because it is a fantastic script and such an interesting idea, but the writer is a very private person.

Xander Grant

Xander Grant started writing on his parent’s old typewriter, they did have a computer at the time but he insisted. Not because he was trying to be trendy, it was just because he was only eight years old. Nowadays he’s progressed to the digital age. Having said that he distrusts most technology, having worked in television for fifteen years. He lives in South Wales with his wife and two monsters.

Follow him over on Twitter @TheXanderGrant


Exactly how much do you love your partner? Would you like to know? Well thanks to the latest technology breakthrough, now you can! The real question is... can you cope with knowing the answer?

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