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September Production Update

So another month has passed and another few busy weeks at Watchers productions..... Here is the latest on all things in the pipeline.

We now have 3 new Strange Tales all in the edit room at different stages.

Home written and Directed by Terrance Marshman-Edwards is on the verge of getting a locked cut and hoping to release this as soon as possible. A young man, dealing with a bereavement, starts to receive strange text messages. Is somebody playing a sick joke - or is there something more sinister at work?

Epimetheus which was filmed last month is heavily into post-production and will be released on 31st October 2019 - it will be a Halloween Special. The film was filmed mid August, stars Lucas Eisele

We continued work on it with recording the first of the 3 Audio roles - had a wonderful hour recording session with the talented actor - Bethan Leyshon. Who is playing the role of Frankie.

Bethan Leyshon trained at the Guildford School of Acting. Since graduating she has gained professional experience on both stage and screen. Film and television credits include Rory Romantic (BBC Wales/It’s My Shout), with Watcher Productions’ Rhys Jones, and Wolf (Stronghold Lionheart). Theatre credits include The Silhouette in the Smoke (ImmerCity), Old Peter’s Russian Tales (Theatr Cadair/Taliesin Arts Centre), Close Encounters (The Bread and Roses Theatre) and 18-22, Attractive, Insecure (Etcetera Theatre/The Courtyard Theatre). Bethan has also written and directed for stage and screen.

We welcome Bethan to Watchers productions and hope to work with her on future projects as well as her role in Epimetheus.

We will be recording the final 2 audio roles over the next few weeks in time for the films Halloween release.

On September 14th and 15th we filmed the Strange Tale that will be released Febuary 14th 2020.


by Xander Grant

Exactly how much do you love your partner? Would you like to know? Well thanks to the latest technology breakthrough, now you can! The real question is... can you cope with knowing the answer?

We are also auditioning this week for 2 roles in a Strange Tale that sees us join forces with Dramatic Moose productions again - we will be filming this Tale, Deliver Me From Gee in November.

Exciting news on this one to follow.......

Final bit of news for September - Teddy Smith from Valiant Films, will be Directing the upcoming Strange Tale Locked. Teddy previously Directed Second Chances.

So loads going on and we continue to work to keep you entertained!

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