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Casting Announcement: LOCKED - Thom Robin

Thrilled to announce during these unsettling times that we have confirmed the talented Thom Robins will be in the Strange Tale - LOCKED. He will be playing the character of Peter. We look forward to working on this with Thom and the rest of the cast at some point this year.

Thom Robins

Thom Robin is an Actor & Stand-Up Comedian from Cardiff, Wales. After studying three years of Acting at University, Thom has started writing and producing sketches to be posted on YouTube and BBC Sesh. Other works of his are Julius Caesar in Julius Caesar, Ernst in Spring Awakening and voicing the creepy Jolly Jim in both the Midnight Jester and Christmas Nightmare.

Stay Safe, Stay Calm and be a great community. And if you are bored at home - go watch some Watchers productions!!

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