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Episode 2.1 - Behind The Table

Written by

Rhys Jones, Matthew Ford and Hannah Celyn Griffiths

from a story by Rhys Jones, Matthew Ford and Rob D. Mealins


Bradley is a guest at the Cardiff Comic Expo, what could go wrong?

Behind The Scenes Pics:

Cast List:



Steph - Victoria George-Veale

Liam - Andrew Machin

Bradley - Rob D. Mealins

Andrew - Ben Wilson

Anna - Lisa Grace

Edgar - Harold T. Spencer

Carwyn - Carwyn John

Ian Charles Stuart - Stephen Lurvey

Frank Gibbons - Jes Hynes

Ellie - Lilibeth Langford

Rory - Ieuan Lloyd

Clara - Megan Lloyd

Clive - Aidan Artymiuk

Dalek Operator - Glyn Williams


Fact File


- The main filming of this episode was done on the weekend of 6th and 7th August 2016 at the GloWorks building (which was also used as the location of the Cardiff Comic Expo in the Series 1 episode Geek In Silver)

- As with Geek In Silver, several members of Whovians cast and crew make uncredited appearances as Comic Expo attendees.

- The post-credit scene with the Dalek was filmed opposite the Roath Lock studios in Cardiff Bay and, as the crew were packing up, members of BBC security came across and asked whether they were stealing the Dalek.

- The scenes of Steph away on holiday at the opening of the episode were filmed in Llandudno, after the Whovians cast and crew were invited to appear at the SciFi Wales convention in September 2016.

Episode 2.1 Production Diaries

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