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Episode 3 - The Woman Who Loved

Written by Terrance Marshman-Edwards

Directed by Rhys Jones


Steph is single and perfectly happy. However, she gets more than she bargained for when she meets a handsome man whilst heading to a location shoot. 

Behind The Scenes Pics:


Victoria George-Veale



Jennifer Higgins



Ellen Jane-Thomas



Craig Harper



Matthew Doman














- The opening scene (Steph walking through the city centre) was the first thing filmed when Whovians began shooting on Sunday 7th June 2015


- The exterior of Steph's workplace is Helmont House, which has appeared on both Doctor Who (Partners In Crime) and Torchwood (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang). However the interiors were filmed at the Open University in Wales offices.


- Steph said she got the coffees from Mancini's. Mancini's is the name of the slaughterhouse restaurant in Deep Breath. 

- The final scene was originally written to take place on Roald Dahl Plass in Cardiff Bay but had to be changed due to the location's unavailability. Instead, Alexandra Gardens in Cathays was used (which has also appeared in Doctor Who, most recently in Dark Water)


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Episode 3 Production Diaries

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