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Sunday June 7th: Action!

Updated: Jun 13, 2022


Sunday June 7th, 8am, Queen Street, Cardiff.

Filming Block 1: Episode 3.

The cameras roll...

With the first morning of shooting, we deliberately took it easy – a few simple set ups: Victoria walking down Queen Street talking on the phone to her character's mum, then a few set up shots of her walking to work.

The team was on hand: Andy on sound, Tez on clapper duty, myself on camera and Matt on kit duty.

We quickly got through a few takes of Victoria, who was fantastic and nailed it every time – but I am a man who likes to have multiple takes and options when I sit to edit.

One tip for any film makers – don't wear flip flops whilst filming, no matter how warm. This will result in a mad sound department.

After completing the work for the morning, it was time for breakfast.

We then grabbed a coffee and made the final changes to the script for Episode 6 . Now we can concentrate fully on the rest of the shoot.


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