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Episode 5 - Bradley and the Doctor

Written by Matthew Ford & Rhys Jones

Directed by Rhys Jones


Bradley's life is lacking direction. He's a bit lost, not sure where he wants to go. But then he meets a man who changes everything. Bradley meets the Doctor.

Behind the Scenes Pics:

Cast List:

Rob D. Mealins

Brian/The Doctor
A.J. King

Megan Lloyd

Helen Hughes

Ben Wilson

Lisa Grace

Fact File:


- The park scenes were filmed on Saturday 8th August 2015.


- The girl that Bradley and the Doctor meet in the park is played by Megan Lloyd who is writer/director Rhys' niece.


- AJ King provided his own sonic screwdriver.


- The opening scenes of Bradley at home and on the telephone were improvised by Rob, with suggestions given by the production team.

Episode 5 Production Diaries:

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