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Sunday August 9th: Shoot Day 16

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Block 2, Episode 5 - Cardiff and Beddau 11am-6pm

This is a difficult shoot to write about, for a number of reasons. We filmed some incredibly affecting scenes during the day which took cast and crew to some very emotional places. Also, we filmed several scenes which contain major spoilers for Episode 5.

First off, we started in Rhys' garden to film a small scene that was held over from Saturday's shoot due to Rhys' neighbours having a barbeque. Then we were on location up in Beddau as Sian very kindly agreed for the Whovians crew to invade to film in her house, so a massive thank you goes to her for her help and her patience.

The old adage says 'never work with children or animals'. This weekend, we worked with both, Today, we were working with Georgie (Craig's dog) who was doubling as The Doctor's canine companion. Georgie had a beautiful temperament and was lots of fun to be around and is responsible for one of the funniest moments of the day as he scarpered into the house away from James who was trying to call Georgie to him!

We started filming in the garden and then moved into the kitchen and the lounge before finally filming at the front of the house. Rob standing in the garden improvising dealing a fatal blow using a small porcelain frog will be one of my highlights of filming. It was very difficult to stifle a giggle as he went through some moves.

We started the day with the high energy, more fun scenes but the mood turned more sombre as the day wore on as we shot the scenes involving Helen Hughes, whose character Alwen is instrumental in providing the episode with its emotional core. It must have been very difficult for all our actors, James especially, to go from high and happy to serious but they all acquitted themselves brilliantly.

There is a particular scene between Alwen and Bradley which we knew was always going to be heavy-going due to the subject matter but Helen and Rob were just spectacular in this scene. Helen's performance was full of emotion and heartache and I defy anyone not to be moved when they see it. These are words that the writers have been living with for the best part of two years but to hear them being spoken so powerfully was just amazing and I was very glad when we were able to call 'cut' so I could go and dry my eyes.

There's a line in Matt and Rhys' script where the Doctor says 'there's usually a lot of running while I'm around' so it's entirely appropriate that the last few set-ups of the day involved running- characters running to and from the front of the house.

We were then able to call it a day and a series wrap for both Helen and James who were both so brilliant with some very heavy material.

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