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Saturday 25th July: Shoot Day 13!

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Block 2, Episode 2 – Grangetown Cardiff, 12pm

Coming back after two weeks off is just great – relaxed and refreshed and ready for the final push on the production.

We did the sensible thing and set up two shoots over two days that are not taxing! However, a tip from your director: the larger the props, the larger the problems! In Episode 2 Andrew cycles a lot around the city. Before we even pressed record on the camera for the first time with our prop bike... the chain snapped! So, after a quick trip to Halfords (other bike shops are available) and a bit of elbow grease, we were all set for the day!

We filmed a small scene, on screen time – probably a minute at the most! Ben (who plays Andrew) leaves his home and ends up in an altercation with a senior citizen, which ends with Andrew cycling away very quickly! I won't say any more in detail about it, you'll have to wait and see!

A fun scene to write and a fun scene to film, namely because the guest actress we had for the day was none other than my mother!

Pamela Jones made her acting debut, having never done anything like this before and to be honest I knew she could do it – but she made me smile.

Working with my Mum was interesting – my mother is not shy by any means, but nor is she a naturally outgoing person – she literally hates having her picture taken. So for her to get in front of the camera and act for me is a bit amazing!

Take after take, giving me a different version, which will make editing the scene a joy. while at all times checking with me if I had what I needed, because she was worried I would have to re-shoot with "a real actress"! No way – my Mum rocked her small cameo. While filming, I knew it was going to be “funny” in the episode as Andy our sound-man had the tough task of not laughing too hard or he would spoil his own sound and Ben our actor was trying not to break a smile all the time.. Always a good sign!

We filmed for about an hour, various angles and takes – poor Ben being hit by a handbag in different styles and my Mum giving her best versions of a classy line, which she re-wrote. I've learnt throughout my life – Mum is always right!

To be honest, it was ideal first shoot back after a break, it was fun and great to show mum what we get up to in our spare time! We wrapped and Mum made us all a cup of tea! Bless her!

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