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Sunday 26th July: Shoot Day 14

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Block 2, Episode 4 - Cardiff Bay, 12pm

The shoot on 26th July was an unusual one as it was the first (and likely to be the only) shoot that didn't involve any of our main cast.

We were filming scenes for Episode 4 (Liam's episode) but the scenes focused on his parents instead. Scott Dolan had his second day on set as Liam's dad Lloyd whilst we were joined for the day by Linda Bailey who is playing Liam's mum Jackie.

The set-ups were relatively straightforward - firstly, Lloyd getting ready for the day (getting up, getting dressed etc). We were using my flat as Lloyd and Jackie's house - specifically the master bedroom and the bathroom. As Lloyd is a massive Cardiff City fan, the bedroom underwent a little bit of set-dressing to reflect Lloyd's passion. For these first scenes, Linda was able to take it easy and stay wrapped up underneath the bedclothes. After a few takes to ensure enough coverage, Scott was released for the day.

The second set-up was again in the bedroom where Jackie takes a telephone call from Liam (who is at the Cardiff Comic Expo, which we filmed on 11th July). We filmed Jackie's side of the conversation.

Linda's performance was absolutely pitched perfectly, full of warmth, humour and pathos. It's difficult to talk in greater detail about the scene without there being some massive spoilers, so it'll suffice to say that this scene is Episode 4 in microcosm: it's geeky, it's funny, it's moving and it's truthful.

We were able to wrap Linda pretty quickly and then de-rig. As a re-introduction to filming, this weekend was the best way to get back into the swing of things with bigger things to come in the upcoming weeks.

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