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Friday 4th September Shoot Day 24

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Block 2, Episode 3 - Millenium Stadium

Ben (who plays Andrew), Craig (Camera Operator) and I all met at 5pm. We had one goal this evening - to continue the bike sequence from Episode 3, but more importantly, we had to get shots of the stadium. We had no window for error, this was our penultimate shoot. Tomorrow Wales play Italy and the stadium will be unfilmable - we needed sunny skies and the stadium looking great.

What we got was a miracle - the sun came out that evening! I had forgotten what daylight looked like. We come to the end of the shoot and August and the skies are blue again!

We got Ben to cycle past to and away from the stadium, shot after shot - grabbing so many angles. Coverage doesn't come close to describe us that night - to be honest, I may have overshot! I think we were in shock at seeing sunlight!

We were wrapped after a few hours and contemplating the busy final day ahead of us.

The realisation that this is finally coming to an end was hitting home!

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