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Synopses for Episodes 4-6

Episode 4: Geek In Silver

Written by Matthew Ford

Directed by Rhys Jones

It's Cardiff Comic Expo and Liam is excited to be attending. He's even going in cosplay. Also attending is Liam's dad Lloyd. A bit of father-son bonding time. What could go wrong?

Episode 5: Bradley And The Doctor

Written by Matthew Ford & Rhys Jones

Directed by Rhys Jones

Bradley's life is lacking direction. He's a bit lost, not sure where he wants to go. But then he meets a man who changes everything. Bradley meets the Doctor.

Episode 6: Journey's End

Written by Terrance Edwards, Matthew Ford & Rhys Jones

Directed by Rhys Jones

The Whovians gather at Steph's to watch the finale of Series 9. The fish finger sandwiches, jelly babies and Jammie Dodgers are ready. As they wait for the show to start, there are cocktails and conversations.

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