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Series 2 Cast: Lilibeth Langford

Lilibeth will be playing Jen's best friend in the world - Ellie, a geeky, PC nut!


Lilibeth Langford, an up-and-coming actress, singer and writer, has recently been compiling her experience through multiple crew and cast roles. From several parts in school, fringe and musical stage productions including The Nun’s Priest in ‘The Canterbury Tales’ and Grisabella in ‘Cats’, working as a Supporting Artist on Doctor Who, Casualty and Class, and running on It’s My Shout, she is now starting to write and direct her own short films, starting with In The Dark alongside Jake Hawes. She enjoys physical hobbies such as archery, hiking and taekwondo alongside her creative interests. She is enthusiastic for the future that comes and glad to have already met such great people along the way.

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