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Series 2: Shoot Day 10

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Series 2: Shoot Day 10 Sunday 17th July, 10am Location; Gloworks Cardiff Bay

OK, how to start? You see, this diary is a bit of a tough one as what we filmed- even the set up- is a spoiler for not only Episodes 4 & 5 but the end of the series itself!

Hmmmm – Oh! Well, this shooting day was actually postponed from a day in June. Why? Well... Wales, that's why! I mean, who knew Wales' football team would make it all the way to the final four of this years Euro Championship? One of our guest actresses for Episodes 4 & 5, Emma Jason, is a massive footy fan and supporter of Wales. She was out in France so we rearranged the shoot to accommodate her fandom. A web series about fandom helping someone be a fan!? Never! So we re-arranged a date after the tournament and we were sorted.

The shoot description- without spoilers- is two characters in a room, chatting throughout a number of scenes that take place throughout Episodes 4 & 5. Hannah Celyn Griffths was on set playing Jen – and she also wrote these two episodes. I've worked with Hannah a lot – but I have to say the scenes she filmed this day were amazing. She's haunting, emotionally believable and just downright nailing it!

Emma was a lot of fun to work with – making us laugh between set-ups. Plus she arrived with drinks for everyone as a way to say thanks for re-arranging her shoot. A drink goes a long way at Watchers Productions!

We wrapped for the day after a few hours, with Matt Ford on sound and Teddy Smith as ever supporting me, and what we got that day is the soul of those two episodes. I can't wait for you all to see it.

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