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Series 2: Shoot Day's 21 & 22

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Production Diary Days 21 and 22 Saturday 10th September & Sunday 11th September Various locations, Cardiff/Merthyr Tydfil

The focus of this weekend was on Episode 6. We filmed on Saturday at a location in Cardiff; however, due to the nature of the episode and the scenes we filmed, we can't talk about it. At all. It would give a massive, major spoiler about the series so I'm afraid you're out of luck.

One thing we can tell you about Saturday's filming is that we welcomed a new cast member to Whovians. Due to work commitments, unfortunately Scott Ericson has been unable to return to the Whovians fold for Series 2. We are genuinely gutted about this as Scott was excellent on Series 1 and an absolute trooper but, due to time constraints, we have made the difficult decision to recast the character of Lloyd, Liam's dad. This isn't a decision we've made lightly and it really has been a last resort, so we wish Scott well and welcome Rob Murphy to the Whovians family.

Sunday's filming took place up in Merthyr Tydfil with director Craig's home doubling as the Jenkins household. We had Rob on set, along with Andrew Machin, Hannah Celyn Griffiths and Linda Bailey. It's always a joy to have Linda on set as she lifts everything with her wonderfully bubbly attitude and humour and she performed brilliantly in an incredibly funny scene where Liam and Jen stage an intervention over Jackie's internet usage.

Rob, too, was great to have on set, cracking us up between takes with jokes and accents but then turning on the drama as soon as 'action' was called. We did a couple of emotional scenes as well as funny stuff and both Rob and Andrew were excellent in both. It's another finely balanced script by Matthew Ford, alternating between some laugh-out-loud comedy and some touching drama.

With these two days, the vast majority of Episode 6 has now been shot. There's only one day left of filming for this episode, which will be on October 2nd and which is planned to be our last day of principal photography for Series 2.

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