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Strange Tales: Before We Go by Hannah Celyn Griffiths

Hannah Celyn Griffiths

So we have a few New Writers on board and we also have a few old Watchers Productions comrades coming back to work on Strange Tales.

As previously announced Hannah Celyn Griffiths will be making her debut as a Director, but - Hannah has worked with us at Watchers before, she co-starred in Whovians, but also wrote and Produced a number of episodes of the second series.

If you missed the Torchwood inspired zombie saga - take a look at the omnibus edition of her story.

Hannah this time around wrote a fantastic short film and will be Directing it for us. The film is called......

Before We Go

In an unsettled Britain of the future, Mags and Elin are forced to face the ultimate test when they are hunted for speaking another language. Will they choose to confront their enemy or will they risk survival in a country at war?

If you can help us get this made and the other 7 - please donate and get yourself a few perks along the way!!

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