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Strange Tales: Home by Terrance Edwards

Well, well, well... well! We are very happy to not only announce that our very own Terrance Edwards fantastic script will be produced as one of the first phase of films - but also. Terrance is the final Director in our line up - he is making his Directorial Debut.

Terrance Edwards

Terrance is one of the Watchers, Exec. Producer and all round talented chap! He co-produced, wrote and guest appeared in Whovians. Plus he is currently producing Sketchy AF for us at Watchers productions.

Terrance holds an MA in Creative Writing from Trinity College, Carmarthen and has had poetry published in Algebra Of Owls, Ink Sweat And Tears, Haiku Journal, and Roundyhouse Magazine. He has performed his own poetry throughout South Wales and further afield for over ten years, performing at the Sherman Theatre in 2004, the Wales Millennium Centre in 2009 and at the HowTheLightGetsIn festival at Hay-on-Wye in 2011. He is also an actor, recently performing in several plays for Monstrous Productions Theatre Company and Dramatic Moose Productions.


A young man, dealing with a bereavement, starts to receive strange text messages. Is somebody playing a sick joke - or is there something more sinister at work ?

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