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STRANGE TALES: Locked, Before We Go, Dinner Date and TBC

The time is fast approaching...

Strange Tales is almost ready for launch. In 24 hours' time, the first three films will be out for your viewing pleasure but- as you can see- we've got a lot more going on. We also have another three films on the slate, so here's what's going to be coming up later in 2019 (and possibly into 2020)


In the future, Justice is delegated to machines: infallible and objective, these AI dispense fair punishments. FRANK is accused by his neighbour of dropping trash on their lawn. It's a civil infraction, and while it was only an oversight on Frank's part, he's charged with a small fine. FRANK is about to leave when his hand is locked, and the machine accuses him of murder – of somebody Frank has never met. Frank calls for help, but the procedure is clear, once a trial starts, it cannot be interrupted. Frank's only chance at survival is to prove his innocence, but while the AI begins drawing a net of guilt around him, we're left asking ourselves if he’s as innocent as he looks.

Locked is written by Eleonora Mignoli. Eleonora is a writer and director based in Sheffield. Before moving to the UK in 2014, she lived for three years in Australia, where she gained an Advanced Diploma in Screenwriting at the Sydney Film School. When not reading, drawing or patting strangers’ dogs, she can be found working on her most recent projects, which include directing short films as one half of the collective Leo and The Bears, writing sci-fi screenplays (like the award-winning BBC short Rory Romantic) and editing her debut novel Oneirika.

TBC Cinematic productions Tale

In development over at Cinematic Productions is a Tale to be directed by Luke Walters. Luke has always been fascinated with the way in which TV and film were made ever since catching an episode of Doctor Who Confidential in 2006. After a few years of acting, he decided his talents were put to best use behind the camera, mainly directing. Over the years, his short films have earned him numerous accolades across the globe. Changing focus ever so slightly though Luke now holds a Masters Degree in Producing and he's now producing a series of short films for BBC Wales. While on set if he is not found near the camera you can always find him larking around somewhere while taking endless amounts of selfies.


In an unsettled Britain of the future, Mags and Elin are forced to face the ultimate test when they are hunted for speaking another language. Will they choose to confront their enemy or will they risk survival in a country at war?

Before We Go is written and directed by Hannah Celyn Griffiths. Hannah has had a love for writing and a passion for drama since a young age. She studied English at the University of Southampton and performed in over 10 shows for the university's theatre societies, including two at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2010 and 2011. Hannah played the character of Jen in Whovians and wrote and produced two episodes for the second series. She is thrilled to be associated with Watchers Productions again and is looking forward to receiving her first director's credit with Strange Tales.


David lives alone and is trying to get himself out into the dating world. He’s invited Jen around for dinner to show off his cooking skills and to please his pestering mother. As the night rolls on, the two laugh and bond, but Jen suspects he might be keeping something from her.

Dinner Date is written by Christopher Maxwell. Christopher graduated from the Academy of Live & Recorded Arts (ALRA North) in 2016, and since acted in productions in Cardiff and in the North West. Christopher has also helped make short films throughout his young career and has since taken up the pen and paper and begun writing short stories.

Dinner Date will be directed by Ellen Jane Thomas. Ellen is an actress with TV presenting and directing credits under her belt, having worked with BBC Wales and Made Television in these fields. But her first love is performance, experiencing working with Channel 4, National Theatre Wales and BBC Two Wales. Ellen won the award for Best Supporting Actress at the It's My Shout awards in 2017 for her role as Tanvi in Rory Romantic, and can currently be seen online in BBC Writersroom sketch Porta-LOLS.

So, as you can see, we have a diverse and indeed Strange set of Tales in the pipeline.

We've also got a special little something planned for later in the year, with more details to come soon, but I'll leave you with this question: would you open the box?

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