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Strange Tales - Season 3 Production Update.

Hello, Happy 2023 and we are all go this end!

So a quick update of where we are with bringing you the new batch of Strange Tales.

We have four confirmed - and a possible fifth - film coming in 2023.

So where are we? Well, 50% have finished production and 50% are in pre-production as we type this.

All Alone, Not By Myself :

Full voice cast record has wrapped. Project Sound Supervisor and all round legend Andrew White is set to start on the mix and sound design.

Andrew has worked with us at Watchers for years on numerous productions - all the way back on Whovians as the series sound supervisor. It’s great having him back on board in a big way on this pseudo-animated project. Audio plays a massive part on this production.

The other massive part of this undertaking is the visuals - which began a few months back in 22. Early character design and art concepts are under way with the talented Megan Lloyd. Megan is a young student, artist and has been in Whovians as a young girl - she acted in Bradley and The Doctor and now here she is again behind the lens. Her designs are superb and the film will have an anime feel.

Like we have said before, this is not a full animation, it is a motion graphic novel - it is a very exciting and original idea from our own Watcher Matthew Ford, who has written it (his screenplay has won numerous awards), so we thought there has to be a way we can make it. So, this is what we came up with, and it is also Matthew’s debut as director.

The film presently is in the edit - the dialogue has been cut and currently we are on version three of the animatic version of the film. We are locking animatics in June for the animation process to then fully continue throughout the summer - looking to release at the later end of 2023.

Just MEAT:

This film wrapped principal photography over the weekend of September 10th in 2022, with a pick up shoot at the end of November. We have voice roles to record still, and the film is with the talented Editor Emily McAinsh (formally Emily Lawrence - she recently got married, big congrats!). Emily has cut a number of projects with us - Deliver Us From GEE and Second Chances, to name two. She is an accomplished professional and we are very lucky to have her back on this Tale.

We expect to get this film finished in the next few months.


This is being co-produced by ourselves and the talented Teddy Smith over at Valiant Films. The cast is set and this long suffering production - from reschedule after reschedule, cast changes, all due to the pandemic over the last few years. To get this project finally in front of cameras will be fantastic - we first announced this Tale in 2018!

Meetings are about to happen and we are looking at April/May to film. Hooray!!

Dinner Date:

Talking of long stuck in Covid hell! The second of our long coming ventures is Dinner Date. This one should be next to shoot. We have a cast all ready to go -

The film is now a co-production with Dramatic Moose productions, from a script by producer Christopher Maxwell. Watchers’s own Terrance Marshman-Edwards is to direct.

The stars are aligning and we are looking at a March shoot.

So, for now that’s all the news we have and here we go......

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