Episode 2.4 - The Darkness In The Light

Written by

Hannah Celyn Griffiths


Jen finds herself battling the undead in Cardiff!

This is Part One of our Homage to Torchwood.

Behind The Scenes Pics:


Cast List:



Hannah Celyn Griffiths


Ben Wilson


Rob D Mealins


Lillibeth Langford


Emma Jason


Lisa Grace


Fact File

- This is the first (and only) two-part Whovians story - originally it was written as a single episode, but it was felt it worked better as a two-parter.


- Hannah Celyn Griffiths wrote the script on spec over Christmas 2015 because the characters and the storyline wouldn't leave her alone and sent it to the production team in early 2016. It was commissioned immediately. 


- These episodes are a co-production between Watchers Productions and Bleak Horizons Productions, the company founded by Rhys Jones whilst he was at university which made several short horror movies such as Legion (which was a clip during The Master Of Fear) and The Birthday Party (which was a clip at the start of Dinner With Monsters).


- The people on the missing posters that Jen passes early in the episode are executive producer Rhys Jones' dad and sister, and executive producer Terrance Edward's partner.

Episode 2.4 Production Diaries

October 28, 2016

Series 2 Day 24

Episodes 3 & 4
A Wednesday evening. So what do we do? We film, that's what we do! Things are starting to wrap up and, with that, we're organising smaller scenes. This evening was one of those. Myself and Teddy Smith arrived at my girlfriend's- wh...

September 16, 2016

Production Diary Days 18-20

Various dates and locations

Day 18: Saturday 27th August 2016 

Teddy's house, Cardiff

So we all arrived at Teddy Smith, our Assistant Director's home, because he has given us his bedroom to use as a set! We have various scenes from Episode...

Series 2: Shoot Day 11
Sunday 30th July, 05:30am
Location; Cardiff Docks, Cardiff Bay

05:30am on Saturday 6 th August. The sun’s coming up and there’s an eerie 28 Days Later hush down
Cardiff Bay. I’m sat in my car, waiting for cast and crew to show up, when I see two p...

July 28, 2016

Series 2: Shoot Day 10
Sunday 17th July, 10am
Location; Gloworks Cardiff Bay

OK, how to start? You see, this diary is a bit of a tough one as what we filmed- even the set up- is a spoiler for not only Episodes 4 & 5 but the end of the series itself!

Hmmmm – Oh! Well, thi...

July 13, 2016

Production Diary
Day 6: Saturday 2nd July

Alley off Howells Crescent, Llandaff (AM) / Rhys' house, Grangetown (PM)
I think most of us can agree that 5.45am is an ungodly hour. Surely, you should be tucked up in bed, dreaming of... well, whatever takes your fancy. We...

Saturday June 18th, 9:30am 

Rhys' House, Grangetown

So it is our second day of the shoot and we have a full day ahead of us: two locations and scenes from three episodes to film.  

First up is Episode 1 and the return of Bradley, again played by Rob D....

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