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Directed and Produced by

Rhys Jones

Written by

Rhys Jones


Matthew Ford

& Terrance Marshman-Edwards


Hannah Celyn Griffiths

Victoria George-Veale

Samuel Rush

Tommy, a Pizza bike delivery driver, is held hostage at the hands of a disturbed woman called Catrin and her girlfriend Zoe. But not all is as it seems…


Directed, Produced and Written by Matthew Ford


Matthew Lee


Ben Wilson

Linda Bailey

June 2013. A Cardiff Council employee visits a tenant whose Housing Benefit has stopped, as she did not return her Single Person Discount form. The tenant, however, is not alone.

Influenced by the writing of M.R. James and Susan Hill, All Alone, Not by Myself is atmospheric, dread-fueled horror set in a Welsh capital hit by austerity and Welfare Reform.


Written by

Christopher Maxwell


Directed by

Terrance Marshman-Edwards.


Liz Keech

Nick Brimble

and Nicky Davies

David lives alone and is trying to get himself out into the dating world. He’s invited Jen around for dinner to show off his cooking skills and to please his pestering mother. As the night rolls on, the two laugh and bond, but Jen suspects David might be keeping something from her.

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Directed by Teddy Smith.



Angharad L Ford

and Rob Murphy.

In the future, Justice is delegated to machines: infallible and objective, these AI dispense fair punishments. Kay is accused by her neighbour of dropping trash on their lawn. It's a civil infraction, and while it was only an oversight on Kay's part, she's charged with a small fine. Kay is about to leave when her hand is locked, and the machine accuses her of murder – of somebody Kay has never met. Her only chance at survival is to prove her innocence, but while the AI begins drawing a net of guilt around her, we're left asking ourselves if she’s as innocent as she looks.

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