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Episode 4 - Geek In Silver

Written by Matthew Ford 

Directed by Rhys Jones


It's Cardiff Comic Expo and Liam is excited to be attending. He's even going in cosplay. Also attending is Liam's dad Lloyd. A bit of father-son bonding time. What could go wrong?

Behind The Scenes Pics:

Cast List:

Liam - Andrew Machin

Lloyd - Scott Ericson

Jackie - Linda Bailey

Jen - Hannah Celyn Griffiths

Sam - Lucas Eisele

Fact File:

- A working title for this episode was The Worst Cyberman (In The Universe).


- The scenes at the Cardiff Comic Expo were filmed at the GloWorks building in Cardiff Bay on Saturday 11th July 2015.


- There are over 20 credited background artists for this episode, making Geek In Silver the episode with the largest cast. Several members of Whovians cast and crew also make uncredited appearances as Comic Expo attendees.


- The scene between Lloyd and Liam at the train station was originally supposed to take place in a car as they drove to the Expo but was rewritten as Scott, who plays Lloyd, doesn't drive. 

Episode 4 Production Diaries:

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