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Saturday May 9th: Full Series Read Through.

It was a early start at Starbucks (other coffee chains are available!) for the production team and, for the first time, our main cast members were to be united! The day started with a few hours' rehearsal of Episodes 1 and 6 - we spent time with our actors working straight away on their individual characters.

After a quick spot of lunch, we got back for the full cast to join us - all squeezed around a large meeting room table, we sat and- for the first time- we heard the characters come alive and the series was unfolded as a whole. Our cast were our test audience. The writers' nerves where high as each one liner and gag was said and suddenly our cast was in fits of giggles.

After the best part of three hours, we got to the climax of Episode 6 and applause went round the room - and we, the team, began to let out a huge sigh of relief that our casting choices have not only been correct but more than we could ever imagined! We are humbled to have these talented people wanting to give their free time to this project. Next, it's just a small matter of filming the series……

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