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Strange Tales - HAPPY 4 YEARS + Season 3 Update

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

We are 4 years old - in that time we have released a total of 7 short tales and now after a hiatus during the pandemic we are just over a month away from releasing the 1st new Tale of Season 3!!!

It has been a busy few months again with Watchers productions - busily working behind the scenes on the next run of Strange Tales. So what is the latest on finally getting new Tales to you!

First piece of news is we have decided to release each tale once they are individualy complete, instead of waiting for the full run, that way we get to release new content sooner. So with that in mind and the schedule that everyone is working to - between now and the end of 2023 Season 3 will be fully released. But when you ask? Good question - once we know release date/s we will happily announce them.

What I can tell you iis the first of Season 3 to be released and to relaunch the channel is JUST MEAT. Which is in post production - and then the countdown to launch will begin!!


Hannah Celyn Griffiths

Victoria George-Veale

Samuel Rush

Tommy, a Pizza bike delivery driver, is held hostage at the hands of a disturbed woman called Catrin and her girlfriend Zoe. But not all is as it seems…

The BIG NEWS is from ALL ALONE, Not By Myself. You may remember that the cast recorded there dialogue last June and that we were working on this as a motion graphic novel.

Well things have developed in a very exciting way. We can now announce that this will be a animated short - it will be the first Animated Strange Tale.

Joining Megan Lloyd our character designer who is stepping up as assistant animator / background artist on the project is Animator Matthew Lee from Tealeaves Pictures.

Matthew Lee is a freelance illustrator, animator and actor based in Bridgend and Cardiff. He started drawing since the age of 8. In 2007, he joined Bridgend Youth Theatre at the Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl, in order to help him socialise more due to his austism. Since then he has been doing a variety of creative activities: performing amateur theatre, trained as an art department assistant and studying animation. Matthew has worked with Watchers productions in the past, collaborating as a supporting artist and animator for the web series Whovians in 2016.

With Matthew on board the production this Tale is looking very exciting and very different. We are thrilled to have him on board and already just with a few tests we can see the project come alive!!

Matthew comes on board with a fully imagined animatic and he is now in production on delivering the pencil animation version of the film. Once that is locked it moves on to sound design and much more!

LOCKED to be directed by Valiant Films Productions, Teddy Smith is barrelling through pre-production after numerous set-backs, throughout the pandemic.

Shooting locations have been finalised. Sets are being built. Shooting schedule is being planned for summer 2023.

Our cast of Angharad Ford, Thom Robin & Rob Murphy are sure to hit the mark in this orwellian dystopia!


Pre-production continues for the filming of Christopher Maxwell's Dinner Date, to be directed by Terrance Marshman-Edwards.

We are delighted to announce filming will take place at the beginning of September, and are equally delighted to announce two of our main cast members.

Joshua Ogle plays David

Josh trained at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, and has appeared in short films Skin (2013) and The Inquiry (2016). More recently he has performed in numerous productions with Cardiff's Everyman Theatre. His dream Dinner Date would be cocktails, homemade lasagna, and a selection of boardgames

Liz Keech plays Jen

Liz is a singer and actor from Cwmbran, South Wales. This is her second outing with Watchers having appeared as Abigail in the 2020 audio production of A Christmas Carol [produced in association with Valiant Films and Dramatic Moose Productions]. She has previously been cast in short films Connections (Adele Cordner) and A Dagger in Your Mind (Theatre AdHoc). A regular performer with local companies including Peculiar Productions, Theatre AdHoc and Newport Playgoers Society, Liz was lucky enough to play Becky Sharp in the NPS 2022 production of Vanity Fair which had a short run at the Minack Theatre, Cornwall. Liz is thrilled to be cast in Dinner Date and is looking forward to starting filming! Her dream Dinner date would be on a private balcony overlooking the sea in Southern Italy, a lovely warm evening packed with Italian food and plenty of red wine.

Further casting will be announced in due course.

STAND BY - New Tales are coming!!!!

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