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Friday 10th July: Shoot Day 10

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Block 2. Episode 5 - 7pm, Gangetown, Cardiff

So, we start another busy weekend - but this weekend is the final push towards our shooting shut-down, a two week break for all cast and crew.

So do we have an easy weekend?

No. That would be sensible.

We start off on Friday evening at my house in Grangetown with Ben Wilson and Lisa Grace and a scene showing Andrew and Anna Harper at their home. But this is not for Episode 2. This is in fact for Episode 5!

Before anyone arrived, Andy and I set up the lighting- lights set up outside a house shining into the rooms (an old fiming technique). On this occasion, the scene is set at sunset so we set up the lights to give us fake sunset inside the home. To pat ourselves on the back, it paid off well.

It is a quick scene. We got the angles done quickly and the two of them as ever knocked it out of the park. Not surprising when we had one-take Lisa on set!

We wrapped the scene, then we quickly set up camera and lights on Lisa for a few lines for Episode 2. With a few takes, Lisa was done and series wrapped. A big thank you to Lisa - a star and our one-take wonder.

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