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Wednesday 12th August: Shoot Day 17

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Block 2, Episode 2, Cardiff City Centre. 7pm-8:30pm

We found ourselves filming Episode 2 once more. As I have said before, this episode takes place in one evening and so for the most part we are trying to film this episode over various evenings to try and get the correct light/feel.

So two small scenes - no dialogue, one scene involves a cashpoint, the other a bus. What could go wrong?

This shoot is very much what a film maker calls guerilla filming, which means when you have no budget, sometimes you just have to go film things on the sly! So, Ben (who plays Andrew), Andy on Sound, Craig on Cam B and myself all head out on foot, no tripods, no large microphones, using two handheld small cameras and Andy recording sound from his bag! Surprisingly we film the cashpoint scene in no time and no fuss.

From here, well...

To summarise - our bus scene involves Andrew getting on a bus, riding the bus and exiting the bus - that's all (well plus some spoilers!), and you would think how hard can this be? Very as it turns out - especially if you're walking along a street and there is a horse parked up outside a shop to which the traveller owner came out of the shop and insisted we don't film his horse or 'I'll whip you around the head' (actual quote). It was at this point I tried to not laugh as we walked away.

We successfully all got on the bus, filmed what we needed - but somehow when we got off, Craig ended up going for a tour around Cardiff for half an hour! Well, to say I now have a large amount of footage of Cardiff and the interior of a bus is an understatement. We continued to film the exit of the bus and then all joined back up and thought it was best on this occasion to end the shoot... in the pub!

An interesting, eventful night's filming. One thing I've learned about filming in Cardiff - it is never dull!

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