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A Day In The Life Of Sophie Aldred

On 13th September, I was very fortunate to attend A Day In The Life Of Sophie Aldred at Penarth Pier Pavilion on behalf of Watchers Productions to show the assembled attendees some exclusive footage from Whovians Episode 1.

This was the tenth A Day In The Life Of... event that Timeless have arranged. Previous guests have included the late Elisabeth Sladen, Louise Jameson and Simon Fisher-Becker. They are intimate events which allow fans to ask questions, get autographs and pictures and generally enjoy being in the company of the special guest.

Full disclosure: Sophie Aldred is one of my childhood heroes. I remember watching all of Sylvester McCoy's stories on their first broadcast and I just loved the character of Ace. She was feisty, kick-ass, handy with a can of Nitro 9, took a Dalek down with a baseball bat and generally took no nonsense. What's not to love? So to have the opportunity to meet her was just wonderful. And I couldn't resist having a photo taken with her either:

That's all very nice, I hear you say, but what about Whovians? Well, from what I could gather, it went down well. The audience was small as it was shown at the end of the day but there was laughter in the funny places- which was good- and a few audience members recognised two of our actors (Andrew and Rob). Plus, Whovians looks amazing on the big screen:

We have to give a huge thank you to Neil Goodman and Timeless for inviting us to attend the event and giving us the opportunity to share Whovians with the crowd. You can follow Timeless on Twitter @TIMELESS_SF or look for Timeless Diamser on Facebook. They also offer regular meet-ups in Cardiff and Pontypridd to discuss all things geeky. Keep an eye out for any other A Day In The Life Of... events because they are definitely worth attending if you can.

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