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Ignite Cardiff: Adventures in No-Budget Film-making

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Back in January (2016) Terrance Edwards one of our Exec. Producers was chosen to take part in a Ignite Event at the GLEE Club, Cardiff.

Ignite events are run all over the country and they are a great event - it is where people are invited to give a presentation on any subject they like. However there are a few rules!

The Ignite format is simple: 20 slides which automatically transition every 15 seconds. For the mathematicians amongst you, that makes just five minutes. Having only five minutes to get your passion over, inspires a much more concise presentation, with no time for waffling.

So please check Ignite out and take a watch of Terrance's Presentation on Adventures in No-Budget Film-making (Whovians):

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