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Returning Cast Series 2 Read Through

So Saturday 23rd April after 7 months have passed since we wrapped series one, we are all back in the same place. Very happy to announce all our Main Cast of series one have returned:

Victoria George-Veale as Steph, Andrew Machin as Liam , Rob D. Mealins as Bradley , Ben Wilson as Andrew and now a main character - Jen played by Hannah Celyn Griffiths.

But of course it's not just our main cast that are returning - we have returning Supporting Cast members:

Scott Ericson and Linda Bailey are back as Liam's parents, Rachel Dunston as Andrew's sister in-law and Lisa Grace as Andrew's wife Anna.

Also returning but not at the read through are; Ellen Jane-Thomas as Steph's flatmate, Craig Harper as Steph's Boyfriend and Harry Spencer as Edgar.

With most of our returning cast in one room, we all sat down and us writers heard Series 2 come to life for the first time as we read aloud all six new episodes. Cast hearing the series unfold for the first time and the writers hearing if the stories work! Well so far so good - the cast laughed when they were supposed to and emotions ran high as we got further into the series. I won't say any more as it will spoil what we have in store for you all.

Next it is the task of casting the new characters we have lined up for you all, the auditions are happening on May 7th and we can't wait. Here we go again........

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