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Strange Tales - LOCKED by Eleonora Mignoli

We are very excited because after days of reading scripts from our first team of writers we have chosen our first 8 Strange Tales. We will over the next week be announcing what is coming!

First up is the fantastic pitch that will be written by the fantastic Eleonora Mignoli - who last year wrote Rory Romantic, which won Best SciFi Short film at NYC Int. Film Festival. Fresh this she is here with us!!

Eleonora Mignoli

Eleonora is a writer and director based in Sheffield. Before moving to the UK in 2014, she lived for three years in Australia, where she gained an Advanced Diploma in Screenwriting at the Sydney Film School. When not reading, drawing or patting strangers’ dogs, she can be found working on her most recent projects, which include directing short films as one half of the collective Leo and The Bears, writing sci-fi screenplays (like the award-winning BBC short Rory Romantic) and editing her debut novel Oneirika.

The film she will be writing for us is based on the following Synopsis: In the future, Justice is delegated to machines: infallible and objective, these AI Deleted:e machin Inserted: e AI dispense fair punishments. FRANK is accused by his neighbor of dropping trash on their lawn. It's a civil infraction, and while it was only an oversight on Frank's part, he's charged with a small fine. FRANK is about to leave when his hand is locked, and the machine accuses him of murder – of somebody Frank has never met. Frank calls for help, but the procedure is clear, once a trial Deleted:s him in Inserted: ed, Deleted:lot Deleted:e Inserted: i Inserted: is Deleted:t Deleted:sh Inserted: , Inserted: ge Deleted:t Inserted: b Inserted: ga Deleted:pped Inserted: st Deleted:dr Inserted: l Deleted:hi Inserted: Frank' starts, it cannot be interrupted. Frank's only chance at survival is to prove his innocence, but while the AI begins drawing a net of guilt around him, we're left asking ourselves Deleted:machine Inserted: , Inserted: AI if he’s as innocent as he looks.

Keep an eye for news on this production and if you can please Fund us with the button below.

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