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Strange Tales: Brand New Beginnings by Matthew Ford

So with all things Watchers there are three of us at the heart of these productions, the whole idea for Strange Tales is to have a platform where film makers can collectively gain a larger audience for the films made. With the first of 8 being produced, of course us as a production team will be taken a few of our ideas to that collective stage, a few being the word. Two in fact. - two films will be Directed by Watchers and two have been written by Watchers.

First up is one written by one of us.

Matthew Ford

Matthew’s earliest memory is scribbling a short story (two-or-three lines of illegible handwriting); since then, pen and paper has rarely been out of arm’s reach.

Having written for stage, Matthew has had scripts performed at scratch nights for the Tobacco Factory Theatre, Bike Shed Theatre, Cheltenham Everyman, Genesis Cinema, and Exeter’s Ignite Festival. In 2018, he was Assistant Director on Dramatic Moose’s first production, Abandoned.

Matthew was one of the executive producers on Whovians, writing Geek in Silver (S1, Ep4) and The Parting of the Ways (S2,Ep6), and co-wrote Bradley and the Doctor (S1, Ep5), Behind the Table (S2, Ep1), and the 2016 Christmas special, Two Nights Before Christmas.

Following Whovians, Matthew was back as exec producer on the Christmas pilot for Sketchy AF, writing a number of sketches including Ross Kemp on Christmas and Hazel Reardon: Foul-Mouthed Agony Aunt.

Matthew’s first love is horror films. His short script Hanging Hill Row reached the final ten in’s worldwide short screenplay contest. Hanging Hill Row is now available to buy as an eBook from

Brand New Beginnings

In an alternate, present day Wales, people have become dependent on social media. Online dating is commonplace, and half of all UK marriages end in divorce. Mai and Elen, a couple in their twenties, have signed up for treatment at Brand New Beginnings, a company with a procedure that wipes all the bad memories from your relationship, replacing them with false, happy memories developed in a laboratory. As the procedure is explained, Mai and Elen begin to have second thoughts.

Can you help us get this made or the other 7? Why not donate to the filming costs and get a few Perks along the way?

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