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Happy 2019 from all of us at Watchers!!

2018 was another exciting year for us - filming new content for Sketchy AF. Launching the short film You Tube channel, which filming is heavily under way on. Plus back in January of 2018 we co-produced with Dramatic Moose productions, the play Abandoned, written & Directed by Matthew Fisher, we had 3 sold out performances and fantastic reviews. Also thrilling news was had at the end of 2018 the play was named by entertainment south wales in the top 5 live events in Wales! Which is amazing considering that two others in that five are Ruth Jones and the Stereophonics!!

Over the course of 2018 we were filming new comedy sketches for Sketchy AF, which will premiere over the next coming weeks. Which we are excited to finally share.

Strange Tales, well we have 2 of the 8 films in the can, with a further 3 in pre-production, one set to film first weekend of February. The channel is still on track for the first few films to be available by spring of this year.

Its been an incredibly busy 2018 for us three Watchers and not just with our joint ventures, we've been busy away from the Watchers - two of us getting married, one of us getting engaged. Various film festivals around the world screening Rhys Jones' film Rory Romantic, which Won Best Sci-Fi Short at New York City Int Film Festival, he also was a Exec. Producer on the Torchwood star Gareth David-Lloyd's Black River Meadow.

Terrance Marshman-Edwards, has been busy treading the boards in various performances. To name a few from 2018, he acted in Abandoned and then stretched his villain muscles as the dastardly Lord de Worde in The Truth (the inaugural production for Peculiar Productions).

And don't forget to check out Matthew Ford's latest, All Alone, Not By Myself, which reached the final of's short screenplay competition, it is available to buy as an e-Book from You can read it on your Kindle or download the app and view it there.

So its been busy and it will continue to be busy in 2019 - which we are actively still working on our first feature. So thank you to all our backers, supporters and viewers. Keep on watching.

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