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Sketchy AF: Launching 12/01/19

After months, months and months of writing rooms, writing, pre-production meeting after meeting, filming over various weekends over months of 2018!!! FINALLY Sketchy AF You Tube Channel will begin to launch Comedy Sketches.

From January 12th 2019 we will release 2 sketches a month for the foreseeable future!

To start us off we will be releasing the Comedy Shorts - Jingle Merthyr and Dianne's Agony.

Dianne's Agony - sees the return of Hazel Reardon (Linda Bailey) the Agony Aunt of Good Morning UK. The character was introduced in the Christmas Special way back in 2017! This time Hazel is giving a viewer advice on how to cater for a vegan family member - i'm sure Dianne gets all the help she needs while the long suffering TV hosts (Ellen Jane Thomas & Chris Maxwell) keep it polite?

Jingle Merthyr

We introduce a few new characters at there recording studio. They are Mike (AJ King) a fabulously talented radio jingle artist who owns the creative airways and dizzy heights of singing advertising - and lets not forget his producer Pete (Shaz Lancaster), who puts up with Mike!

So sit back with a coffee at work and enjoy these and more to come comedy shorts from Sketchy AF.

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