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Strange Tales: August Production Update

BUSY!!! That is the word at Watcher productions! We are Busy working on New Strange Tales -

Between now and the end of the year we can confirm that we will have 4 Tales filmed!

Home Written & Directed by Terrance Marshman-Edwards is currently with the editor and the first assemble has been created - the team on this are working on getting a final edit and we can move forward with it asap.

Last Sunday (11 / 08 /19) we filmed a very special Strange Tale, Epimetheus - that will be released on October 31st as a Halloween Special Strange Tale.

Filmed in one day with one actor and one box! Not telling you anything else!!

We also have filming dates in September scheduled for Schrödinger - Written by Xander Grant, Exactly how much do you love your partner? Would you like to know? Well thanks to the latest technology breakthrough, now you can! The real question is... can you cope with knowing the answer?

The film will star Victoria George-Veale and Gavin Rand.

The fourth film that goes in front of the cameras in November..... well we will announce that very shortly. but prepare for some big exciting news on this one!!!

Also this last month Second Chances has been selected and is now online taking part in the August Lift Off Sessions - again a massive congrats to all involved.

So for now - thats all the latest news from us at Watchers productions - stay tuned!!!

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