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End of October Production Update

So we come to the end of October and what a busy month again for us here at Watchers!

We released our 4th Strange Tale on Halloween - Epimetheus.

Great for all involved that it is out there and so far getting a lot of nice attention and reactions. Go forth and watch it :)

Currently in post production are 2 more films - Home and Schrodinger, Home is on track to be released before the end of 2019 and Schrodinger will be released on Valentines Day 2020!!

This month saw a series of meetings with various team members - all developing and pre-production on a number of Strange Tales all to be filmed in 2020. Ellen Jane Thomas & Chris Maxwell are working on Dinner Date. Hannah Celyn Griffiths is working on Before We Go and Teddy Smith, Director of Second Chances is working on Locked. The team from Dramatic Moose, who co-produced Brand New Beginnings are back with us and we film Deliver Us From Gee in November - to be Directed by Rhys Jones. More news on this very special Strange Tale next month.

On top of these and other conversations with other filmmakers and writers - the future of Strange Tales looks bright. Espeacially as we are actually starting work in November on our next Halloween Strange Tale!!!

Thanks for reading andd keep watching!

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