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Production Update: Time's are a changing!

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and the lockdown in the UK, Watchers productions has now postponed a number of filming dates this Spring/Summer.

We have had positives along the way these last few weeks too - both Brand New Beginnings and Epimetheus have been selected for the BAFTA Cymru qualifying Film Festival; Carmarthen Bay Film Festival.

Unfortunately because of Covid-19/Lockdown the festival will not be having any public screenings this year, but the competition continues to be judged behind closed doors with an awards celebration at the 2021 Festival. So we have fingers crossed for the two films to go on and do well - but at the same time are heavily disappointed to not be able to go along to this Welsh festival and be with our cast and crew, while watching the hard work on a big screen. Oh well - next one......

Which brings us onto the following negative announcement!

At this time no new Strange Tales will be filmed until further notice.

We however continue to develop and pre-produce a number of films ready to shoot once the lockdown is lifted. Unfortunately a number of planned productions this year have now been postponed until 2021 - including our planned Halloween Special for this year,#DeadNotDead. But we are actively working towards getting this and the others back on track and brought to you as part of our 2021 line up.

#DeadNotDead is the story of a late night local radio DJ receiving on air calls as the dead rise!

We hope to make a further 4 Strange Tales at least this year!

We have three production partners working on Tales, Valiant Films are in pre-production on the long awaited LOCKED from a script by the talented Eleonora Mignoli. The Director/Producer on this film sees the return of Teddy Smith to Strange Tales, who Directed Second Chances.

LOCKED; In the future, Justice is delegated to machines: infallible and objective, these AI dispense fair punishments. Kay is accused by her neighbour of dropping trash on their lawn. It's a civil infraction, and while it was only an oversight on Kay's part, she's charged with a small fine. Kay is about to leave when her hand is locked, and the machine accuses her of murder – of somebody Kay has never met. Her only chance at survival is to prove her innocence, but while the AI begins drawing a net of guilt around her, we're left asking ourselves if she’s as innocent as she looks.

The film has a cast attached and once the lockdown lifts shooting dates will be scheduled.

One piece of great news to come from the lockdown, is filmmaker Luke Walters and his team over at Cinescope, have come to us with a script they want to make into a Tale - we have happily green lit Murder For Sale. We look forward to bringing you more news on this project as it develops - I'm told by Luke (who will be Directing) that his DOP and himself are working on shot plans in the lockdown! Creative time well spent!

A Tale that will be produced by Rhys Jones, The Table - Written & to be Directed by Richard Williams, - a Poker Game that goes all very weird! Richard wrote and Directed the Tale Human Resources and were chuffed to have him back and to be co-producing again alongside his team over at Big Rich productions.

The other Tale actively in development in lockdown is Dinner Date.

David lives alone and is trying to get himself out into the dating world. He’s invited Jen around for dinner to show off his cooking skills and to please his pestering mother. As the night rolls on, the two laugh and bond, but Jen suspects he might be keeping something from her.

Dinner Date is written by Christopher Maxwell of Dramatic Moose productions who have worked with us on a number of productions now.

Dinner Date will be directed by Ellen Jane Thomas. Ellen is an actress with TV presenting and directing credits under her belt, having worked with BBC Wales and Made Television in these fields. But her first love is performance, experiencing working with Channel 4, National Theatre Wales and BBC Two Wales. Ellen won the award for Best Supporting Actress at the It's My Shout awards in 2017 for her role as Tanvi in Rory Romantic, and can currently be seen online in BBC Writersroom sketch Porta-LOLS.

We have these lining up and a few others up our sleeves if things can align at the right time - this year is a difficult one for all, us included. For now we have the completed 7 films so far, the most up to date being Deliver Us From Gee - released 11th April 2020.

Please enjoy those and any of our content and for supporting the productions.

Rhys, Tez & Matt

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