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Episode 2 - The Master Of Fear

Written by Rhys Jones & Matthew Ford 

from a story by Rhys Jones


Andrew's made a mistake. A mistake that he really needs to fix. To rectify what he's done, he must get on his bike. Literally. 

Behind The Scenes Pics:

Cast List:

Andrew  - Ben Wilson


Steph  - Victoria George-Veale


Bradley - Rob D. Mealins


Liam  - Andrew Machin


Anna - Lisa Grace


Kate - Rachel Dunston


The Man In Black - John Hutch


Pensioner - Pamela Jones


Shop Assistant - Zoe Azzopardi


Fact File


- The working title for this episode was Turn Right, and originally featured a scene where Andrew was at a crossroads on his bike. However, when that scene was rewritten, it was felt a different title was needed.


- The episode used several locations that have previously been used in Doctor Who, such as Dunraven Bay (which doubled as Bad Wolf Bay), the Atradius building in Cardiff Bay (The Runaway Bride), St Paul's Church in Grangetown (Father's Day) and Llandaff village green (The Eleventh Hour). 


- One of the sequences with Andrew on his bike was the last scene filmed before Whovians wrapped principal photography on Saturday 5th September 2015. 


- The pensioner who Andrew meets on his travels is played by Pamela Jones, who is writer/director Rhys' mum.

Production Diaries from Episode 2

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